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We are committed to building an efficient and intelligent IC component trading platform
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Beam Electronics is a one-stop platform for electronic components from overseas sites under the "BEAM TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED" (supporting online ordering and trading). Beam Electronics is committed to building an efficient overseas intelligent IC components trading platform, the main business scope of overseas regions! With the wisdom of data-driven services, the company aims to improve procurement efficiency for the midstream and downstream enterprises in the IC industry, and is determined to become a reliable one-stop procurement platform for overseas IC supply chain. BEAM is a full range of electronic components, quality, rapid delivery of the original spot procurement platform. It aims to solve the problem of finding suitable materials for customers, hoping to make a contribution to the high-end manufacturing industry.

BEAM TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED is a global diversified supplier of high quality electronic components and connectors. Relying on the mature big data research and development team and Internet development team, Connector world, the company's Internet platform, has been successfully operated for more than 5 years, and Mr. IC, the self-operated AI platform focusing on the chip industry, has been successfully operated for 2 years. Now the company's business in the field of electronic components has realized globalization, and Beam Electronics' efficient and intelligent IC global trading platform has been successfully launched. With intelligent data-driven services, BEAM Electronics has improved the procurement efficiency for the downstream enterprises in the global IC industry, and is determined to become a reliable IC supply chain one-stop procurement platform.

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Company Culture

The company makes full use of existing resources, constantly explores new areas, and makes reasonable use of them to maintain its competitive advantage.

The company encourages employees to continue to learn, innovate, improve working methods, improve work quality, explore new career areas, promote competition, so as to stimulate their own potential talent
Work Happily

The company increases the rights of employees to directly participate in operation and management, improves their identity, status and sense of security, and enables all employees to share the company's achievements, develop together with the company, find their own value and work happily.

Improve business

The company cultivates employees' excellent ability to work under pressure, self-learning awareness and initiative to solve problems, so as to better help customers solve problems.

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Location of warehouse

The main warehouse is in Wuhu, a comprehensive transportation hub of the Yangtze River Triangle. There are other warehouses distributed in many places in China, using the principle of nearby delivery to give users the fastest receiving experience!
Developing Course
BEAM international station was launched, accelerating the company's global business process
Lock 90 million yuan, flush 100 million spot target
Lock 80 million yuan, flush 100 million spot target
Fully open the volume absorption of dull products, again planning spot base