Founded in 2012,Beam Technology Co Ltd is a distributor that partners with the top manufacturers of  connectors like TE,AMP,YAZAKI,SUMITOMO,DELPHI,APTIV,KET,KUM,BOSCH,HIRSMAN,HAOTING,HARTING AMPHENOEL.

Beam is well respected by thousands of customers in our industry for being an expert in sourcing. Not only does Beam lead the industry in stock distribution, we also have an extensive and diverse supply chain, providing you with an inexpensive, one-stop shop for all your needs.

Our Mission

Beam provides our customers with a unique advantage against their competition. With well over 25,000 products in stock, Beam has the ability to ship same day, right to where you need it.

Our Goal

We strive to bring the combination of top quality products with top quality service. We want to bring our customers a swift and enjoyable experience!

Our Strength

We can ship all of our connector parts within 2-3days to US and Europe from China!!!